Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Build Your Own Food Storage- A Month-to Month Guide

Preparation is bigger than having a first aid kit and bug-out bag under your bed. Preparation is about protecting your family from whatever might come your way- whether it's war, a natural disaster, or extended unemployment. Building up your food storage is one of the best ways to protect your family from almost any emergency.
It can... Read More

How To Make Bread Without an Oven

Bread is one of those comfort foods that families want year round. If you're ever camping or in an emergency situation, you can still enjoy different kinds of breads.  Here are some great options to help you get your carb fix, no matter where you are.
Donuts/ Fry Bread
While not necessarily the healthiest bread option, frying... Read More

How To Build Your Own Snow Shoes

One of the tools you may have not have in your preparedness cache is a good set of snowshoes. In most cases, you probably won't need some. But you don't prepare like that, do you? You're ready for whatever comes.
The good thing with snow shoes is the fact that you don't have to spend a... Read More

DIY Well Digging- How to Drive Your Own Well

In the event of an emergency, one of the most important things you'll need is a good source of water. You can't always trust municipal water facilities to export clean, uncontaminated water. To take control of your water, an easy solution is to dig your own well.  While there are different options when it comes... Read More

Backpackers Guide to Backpacking

A common mistake people make is thinking that emergency preparedness is limited to preparing just at home. However, it is very important to keep the same mentality when packing for camping or backpacking trips. In the beginning, it may seem difficult to find a balance between packing light yet making sure you have all of... Read More

Be Ready. Not Scared.

A recent study released by Kelton Research discovered that 85% of Americans believe they are under-prepared for a financial crisis or other types of disasters. Some of the answers as to why they didn't feel prepared were because they didn’t know what they should be doing to prepare, they didn’t think any catastrophe would happen... Read More

What's Usually Forgotten in Kid's Survival Kits

Believe it or not, some of the simplest things are ignored when building survival kits for kids. Just like adults, they still need the basic necessities like food, water, clothing, shelter and other hygienic items. However, their survival kits require more of a personal touch that’ll psychologically help them through what some may consider a... Read More

How To Properly Handle a Gun

When it comes to preparing for an emergency, it is important to have a weapon. Most preppers will agree that owning a gun (or multiple) is one of the smartest things you can do. Not only will it protect you from unknown elements, it will also provide a way to hunt for food. Now the... Read More

20 Items Everyone Needs to Be Prepared

Have you ever sat down and actually thought of everything you’d need in order to be prepared for an emergency? No? You aren’t alone; 60 percent of Americans have not practiced what to do in a disaster. 1 This includes developing an emergency communication plan for their family as well as purchasing emergency supplies. The truth... Read More

How Long Should I Prepare For?

The other day, a close friend started talking about how it can be a little overwhelming to plan out how much food and water storage she needs for her family. She did make a valid point – you really have no idea what type of crisis (job loss, earthquake, tornado, etc.) will take place and... Read More

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