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Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Grab and Go Items During an Emergency - Must Haves

We don't always know when an emergency will happen that will cause us to get up and evacuate, but it can happen to us all. Just this year alone, more than 500,000 people were evacuated from there homes due the fires across California and Oregon. Most people do have the supplies or are not prepared... Read More

Food Storage Items to Stick to While on a Budget

More now than ever, stocking up on emergency, food/water storage, is something that everyone should consider. The year 2020 has been filled with the unexpected and who knows how long something like this will last. It is better to be prepared than not if another pandemic outbreak were to happen coming these winter months. If... Read More

Emergency Preparedness/Survival Apps You Need to Have

Living in a world surrounded by technology definitely has a lot of positives. Even though if a disaster were to strike, power lines and internet access could be very limited, That is why we suggest to get a head start and be prepared ahead of time more better than ever. Here in this article we... Read More

Why Small Dents Could Ruin Your Food Storage

Is it safe to eat food from dented cans? 
We get a lot of questions from our customers that have gotten damaged cans and wonder if the food is still good to eat. But did you know you could be putting yourself at risk for food poisoning by eating food from those dented cans? When food... Read More

Paracord For Survival

If you have been been keeping up with our blog posts, you may have realized that we have tons of articles about 'parcord' and the different uses for it. We are going to continue to add to that list with more ways that we can use paracord for emergency preparedness purposes that could end up... Read More

Emergencies in the Workplace

Nobody expects an emergency or disaster, especially one that affects them, their employees, and their business personally. Yet, emergencies and disasters can strike anyone, anytime, and anywhere. You and your employees could be forced to evacuate your company when you least expect it. This post is designed to help plan for that outcome if something... Read More

6 Ways to Pay Off Your Debt

If you are carrying a large amount of debt, it can feel hopeless and seem impossible to get yourself out of the situation. Debt can be very limiting and controlling, and your life can be lived much more freely when you don’t have that hanging over your head. However, there are steps you can take... Read More

Is the Coronavirus Real?


About a week ago, my wife and I were hanging out with my in-laws. A friend of my mother-in-law dropped-by to say hello. After exchanging formalities with us, her friend began to describe how uncomfortable the COVID testing procedures had been that she had undergone some weeks before. The conversation took an unexpected turn when... Read More

How to Determine Different Type of Bug Bites

Bug Bites; nobody likes talking about them but knowing what they look like, what the symptoms are and how to treat them could end up being a life saver for you, your family members, children, friends, etc. Here are a few of the most common ones that could help you be a bug bite expert... Read More

Essential Items to ALWAYS Have in Your Purse/Shoulder Bag

On a scale from 1/10, how prepared would you be if a disaster or an emergency outbreak were to happen right now? According to a study conducted in 2019, less than half of Americans are not prepared for an emergency and only 19% of people have a family meet up place. That statistic is SCARY... Read More

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