Do-It-Yourself Ideas

DIY Stealth Shelf

There are many ways to hide your valuables. Like investments, diversity is the key for safe keeping. You may have safes, gun safes, and other hiding places. Another idea to add to your home safety plan is to install stealth shelves to hide your possessions.
A stealth shelf can securely hide your valuables where no one will... Read More

DIY Garden Fence

Spring is just around the corner. It is time to start thinking about planting a garden again. For those with dogs, this can be a challenge. Dogs enjoy getting dirty and digging holes. Dogs can easily dig up the garden and prevent anything from growing. Digging is a natural behavior for dogs so it can... Read More

A Guide to Goat Fencing

Goats can make wonderful pets, producing great milk and meat. Goats are known to be escape artists which can make raising them quite a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Starting with the proper fencing will make life easier for you and the goats.
Goat fencing should take into account budget and location. Do you... Read More

DIY Solar Oven

Cooking typically requires some type of fuel whether it be propane for a camp stove, wood for a fire, or electricity for a crockpot. Fuel is a limited resource. It will be difficult to store all the fuel you might need for a long-term crisis. A solar oven could be the solution.
Deforestation is a real issue... Read More

How to Cook Rabbit at Home

Rabbit can be an excellent source of protein and nutrients. Rabbits breed quickly keeping your food source in good supply. Rabbits eat fresh greens from the garden creating a nice little ecosystem for your backyard. Rabbits can be quite a challenge to cook, some people find them quite gamey in taste. Here are three yummy recipes to... Read More

How to Skin and Gut a Rabbit

Rabbits are a great source of protein. Unlike beef and chicken, they aren't pumped of antibiotics. Rabbit eat fresh greens generally. They reproduce extremely quickly ensuring your food source in well stocked. Skinning and preparing rabbits can be a challenge, follow this simple steps to help it go smoother. The fresher the rabbit the easier skinning... Read More

New Developments in Quick Building

Part of your doomsday plan should include a bug out shelter. A safe place fully stocked with food and supplies. Construction and building may not come naturally to everyone. Luckily there are a few options that could save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to building the perfect doomsday shelter. 
Shed Tiny... Read More

DIY Earthbag Shelter

Earthbag shelters are eco-friendly and energy efficient. They make ideal hunting cabins or bug out shelters. An earthbag house is a cost-effective method for a shelter since you'll be bagging the dirt you're digging out. A basic earthbag shelter could cost as little as $3,000 if you're willing to do much of the work yourself. Many... Read More

Surprising Uses for Bananas

Bananas make great tropical smoothies and yogurt blends, but they have many other great uses as well. Here a just a few surprising uses for bananas.

Health and Beauty Treatments 
Banana peels are jam-packed with nutrition. Bananas are a great way to add vitamins to your breakfast instead of tossing out the peel try a few of these beauty tips.

Make... Read More

7 Surprising Uses for a Plastic Bottle

Plastic bottles are everywhere. They contain everything from filtered water to coffee and tea, and everything in between. Plastic bottles end up in the oceans and woods hurting wildlife. However,  plastic bottles are extremely useful for survival. Here are a few recycling tips that just might save your life.

Shower--Paint a plastic bottle black or cover... Read More

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