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Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Building Your Own Water Filter

Having no clean drinking water during an emergency can be fatal and so it's important to know how to make a water filtration system when necessary. Whether you already know how to make one, or you are a first timer, we'll get you familiar on designing a water filter for your needs during a crisis... Read More

Is canning your own food really worth it?

We get this question asked a lot here and so I think it's time to address the subject in the the form of a blog. I've done my research on whether you should continue to buy canned food for your food storage or jump on the trend of canning your own food. Stick around because... Read More

Grab and Go Items During an Emergency - Must Haves

We don't always know when an emergency will happen that will cause us to get up and evacuate, but it can happen to us all. Just this year alone, more than 500,000 people were evacuated from there homes due the fires across California and Oregon. Most people do have the supplies or are not prepared... Read More

Best Homemade Meals to Make While Camping

When you're sick of eating all the same meals when out camping, these new recipe's will change the game. Take a look at some of our favorites that you can use next time you're out in the wild. Foil Packet recipes are the definition of easy recipes. Just use aluminum foil to create your packets... Read More

Paracord For Survival

If you have been been keeping up with our blog posts, you may have realized that we have tons of articles about 'parcord' and the different uses for it. We are going to continue to add to that list with more ways that we can use paracord for emergency preparedness purposes that could end up... Read More

6 Ways to Pay Off Your Debt

If you are carrying a large amount of debt, it can feel hopeless and seem impossible to get yourself out of the situation. Debt can be very limiting and controlling, and your life can be lived much more freely when you don’t have that hanging over your head. However, there are steps you can take... Read More

Essential Items to ALWAYS Have in Your Purse/Shoulder Bag

On a scale from 1/10, how prepared would you be if a disaster or an emergency outbreak were to happen right now? According to a study conducted in 2019, less than half of Americans are not prepared for an emergency and only 19% of people have a family meet up place. That statistic is SCARY... Read More

Survival Skills to Teach Your Kids

Who knows what an emergency can bring, and so you're going to want to make sure that you are aware of the things that can happen in any situation. Teaching your younger children, family members, grand-children, etc. can be helpful and can end up saving someone's life. Life is unexpected. You never know when survival... Read More

How To Tell If My Chicken Is Sick

Chickens are some of the most intelligent investments against disaster. They breed quickly, eat pesky insects around the yard, produce eggs, and provide fresh white meat after their laying period is over. That being said, to retain their value as an investment for you and your family, this asset needs to be protected. Building a... Read More

How to Prepare in 5 Easy Steps(some of them you might already be doing!)

Now lets be honest. no one really wants to prepare for an emergency and could be so for a number of reasons; don't  know where to start, not sure what to get, etc, but doing so and preparing ahead of time can end up saving your life. Lets face it, having the motivation for starting... Read More

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