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Best Youtube Channels for Emergency Preparedness

By Hunter Browning
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When is comes to learning about emergency preparedness/survival skills, watching videos(in my opinion) helps me learn better than reading. If you are stilling wanting to learn more about the basic skills from emergency preparedness all the way to survival, today we'll be going over some of the best YouTube channels of that nature.

TheUrbanPrepper - YouTube

THE URBAN PREPPER - Seattle, Washington

This YouTube channel features emergency preparedness topics and related gear reviews. Since he lives and works in the greater Seattle area, his focus is on 'Urban' preparedness and not on Rural environment-related concepts. His goal is to provide video content that is family-friendly, entertaining, and accessible to a wide audience. He works in software engineering, so many of the projects and gear testing that he uploads to YouTube leverage engineering skills; planning, organization, scientific method testing, and documentation. This channel has been around since 2011 and uploads/post about two videos every week.

The Provident Prepper Action Plans – The Provident PrepperTHE PROVIDENT PREPPER - Utah

Emergency preparedness, self-reliance, and provident living education. Kylene and Jonathan are the authors of The Provident Prepper--A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies. This channel was stared back in 2009 and posts about two videos per week.

Image may contain: 1 personSOUTH AMERICAN PREPPER - United States

Bayu, the South American Prepper helps to inform viewers about various items relating to emergency preparedness. His videos are from reviewing an item to showing tips on how to better use something you might have already when you find yourself in a bind. This channel has been around since early 2015 and posts about 1 video per month.


PEAKSURVIVAL - United StatesPeakSurvival

Hi, my name is Selica and Peak Survival is my channel that focuses on Bushcraft, Survival, and Emergency Preparedness. I have spent many years of my life outdoors from hiking the Appalachian trail to running a wilderness survival school in Vermont. I have a keen interest in bushcraft, adventure racing, and rock climbing. This channel has been around since late 2009 and posts about 1 video every month.

survivalresourcesSURVIVAL RESOURCES - New York, USA

Survival Resources is a unique firm that specializes in survival kit components, survival kits, every day carry, and emergency preparedness products. Our goal is to provide our customers with various options and resources to enhance their ability to survive in an emergency situation, whether in the wilderness while traveling, or during a natural disaster. They have been around since late 2010 and post about 3 videos a year.

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3 years ago at 6:53 AM
The Canadian prepper and Alaska prepper are two of the best ones on youtube. For a more bushcraft version go to coalcracker bushcraft, survival Russia or survival lilly. City prepping is a great one to listen and learn. Tactical??? Garrand thumb is very knowledgeable, from packs to weapons, and usually humorous. For economic news the epic economist can't be beat. Learn what you can now. May God's blessings ? be with you.