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How to Make an Emergency Smoke Flare

This project should not be attempted without adult supervision. Adequate training ignition of an incendiary or explosive material may not be legal in your area. Misuse, or careless use, of tools or projects, may result in serious injury, death, and/or permanent damage to equipment and property.
Around the 4th of July, you might find smoke bomb... Read More

Common Questions about the ReadyQ

Recently, we launched a new, innovative service that has changed emergency preparedness for the better. As you've seen on our website, we offer a service called the ReadyQ. Now, what exactly is it? Great question! Today, we will be answering common questions about the ReadyQ and how to make it a part of your emergency... Read More

Can I Use Bleach to Purify Water Storage?

At The Ready Store, we often get this question. Many believe that you can use household bleach to purify water storage. Here is the best answer we can provide. Household bleach is not manufactured with human consumption in mind. The chemicals are much higher than what would be considered safe for human consumption. Having said that... Read More

Preparation Items Often Overlooked...

So you know how important it is to be prepared with food, water, warmth & shelter. But what about items that we take for granted everyday? While the basics are very important, you may learn fast that there are other items that can be of great use during a time of emergency or... Read More

What is a Julian Date?

We often get the question of why an MRE doesn't have an expiration date printed on it.
You may have noticed that your MRE's have a funny number at the bottom. What is that thing? This is a Julian Date or code.
Where did Julian Dates come from?
Julian Dates, abbreviated JD, are simply a continuous count of days... Read More

The Basics of Emergency Water Purification

What’s there to worry about when it comes to potentially contaminated water?
There are basically 7 areas of concern when it comes to purifying water.  They are:

Protozoa – Cryptosporidium & Giardia

When it comes to purifying water because of these risks you basically have three options.
Boiling – By boiling water you bring the temperature of the water... Read More

What is a #10 Can?

When you search for emergency food you will find the majority of vendors sell their goods in a variety of container sizes like a pouch, bucket, and the #10 can. Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the #10 can and I hope it will assist you with getting prepared.
What is #10 can?
When referring... Read More

What is the Shelf-Life of an Open Can?

One of the most common questions that we're are asked is "What is the shelf life of a #10 can once it is opened?"
General tips
With all kinds of food, the shelf-life will be decreased by three things:
1. How long it has been opened
2. How much it is exposed to oxygen and moisture
3. How much heat... Read More

Why the MSR Water Filter Maintenance Kit is Important

When using a water filter like our MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter® you will notice that there are a lot of pieces that have to operate properly to give you the filtered water.
If you’re using the MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter® on a weekend hike or dealing with an emergency, you do not want to have... Read More

Elderly Emergency Preparedness

Often times the elderly and people with certain disabilities face special issues when preparing for a disaster. There is a number of public and quasi-public entities devoted to emergency preparedness for those with special needs.
These panels are charged with advising on public policies involving special needs populations, fostering understanding between the special needs community and... Read More

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