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How to Grow Produce in the Winter

Typically, you think of planting your garden in the spring and summer and harvesting in the fall. However, some people prefer to plant some produce late in the season and allow them to stay stagnant during the winter and harvest during the spring.
Growing plants in the winter time can allow you to have your own... Read More

Amazing Uses for Paracord

Paracord can be an awesome tool in your preparedness arsenal. This durable nylon rope can be tied into tons of different designs including a paracord drawstring pouch, bracelet, strengthened cord, pouches and more. If you’re in an emergency, you simply unwind the strong cord and use it to bind, haul or anything else that you... Read More

Build Your Own Rabbit Hutch

There are two basic ways to build a rabbit hutch. One is with an outdoor self-contained hutch. These typically have wooden frames and wire cages, and two to four rabbits are kept in each of the hutches. These units are portable and can be moved around in the shade to keep the rabbits cool in... Read More

VIDEO: Harvest Right - Setting Up Your Freeze Dryer

A home freeze dryer from Harvest Right can be a great investment to save you money on food storage or your home garden. But sometimes setting it up can be a little tricky!
No need to worry, we've got you covered! In this video we review how to set up your home freeze dryer and make... Read More

VIDEO: Harvest Right - Freeze Dry Meats at Home

Freeze dried meats can be expensive - but not with your own home freeze dryer! Check out this video below to see how you can preserve your meats for 10-30 years! And to use them again, you just add water back in to the meat! It's that easy! Check out the video to learn more... Read More

VIDEO: Harvest Right - Freeze Dry Meals At Home

The Harvest Right home freeze dryer is a great way to be prepared at home. This small-scale freeze dryer will help you dry meals and leftovers at home. You'll be able to take any of your favorite meals and place them in your freeze dryer. With the proper packaging, they'll then last you 10-30 years... Read More

VIDEO: Introduction Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Harvest Right is the future of food storage! Imagine being able to freeze dry all of your foods at home including leftover meals, garden vegetables or treats for a rainy day!
Harvest Right allows you to do that! This machine will freeze dry all of your foods and then you just package them up. Check out... Read More

Food Storage Inventory Tactics

While stocking up on food storage is essential for emergency preparedness, it is important to keep a detailed, up-to-date inventory list. This will help save time and money since you’ll know exactly when to rotate short-term and long-term food storage. It may even save you time from an emergency to the grocery store for some... Read More

An In Depth Look At the Freeze Drying Process

When it comes to food storage, freeze dried food has become the select choice since its ability to stay fresh for 20 – 30 years is revolutionary. Now it is possible to freeze dry fruit, vegetables, meats, dairy products and whole meals. Because it is so light, preppers, backpackers, and campers love keeping freeze dried... Read More

How to Get Alerts of an Emergency

A cornerstone of being prepared for any type of disaster is being aware of what is going on around you. Since natural disasters can happen with little to no notice, it is important to do everything you can to stay informed. With today’s advancement in technology, it is easier than ever to get alerts about... Read More

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