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  • 7 Survival Items to ALWAYS keep in your Car's Glove/Trunk Compartment

    Distastes can happen at anytime and in anyplace. Who knows when one will strike and that is why its always important to be prepared beforehand. Sometimes you may not be at home when one where to happen so it is ideal to be prepare in every situation. That is why we put together a list... Read More

  • Face Masks: The New Normal

    Face masks are the new in and it seems like that every state is making them mandatory when going out in public. Here are some things you should be aware of when it comes to making this part of our new 'normal life'. There are a lot of varieties of face masks to choose from... Read More

  • Must Have Sanitation & Personal Hygiene Items For An Emergency

    When a disaster or emergency strikes, it is important to have the necessary sanitation & personal hygiene items on hand to prevent you from getting sick. Especially if you have limited resources available. The truth is, most illnesses can be avoided with good hygiene. To help others prepare, even more, we are going to discuss... Read More

  • What Does It Mean to “Shelter in Place”?

    As you work on you emergency preparedness it is important to understand the new vocabulary. Terms that you hear quite a bit are “Shelter in Place” and “Grab and Go." It is important to make sure you have emergency supplies that allow you to do both.
    Depending on the disaster and depending on the circumstances... Read More