30-Gallon Stackable Water Container Kit

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We've found an easier way to store water! Our 5 Gallon Stackable Water Containers stack for easy storage, the 5 gallon size makes it easy to move.

Stack to save space | 30 days of drinking water | Durable container

Stay hydrated in an emergency
It's recommended that you have 1 gallon of water per person per day for emergency situations. This will provide you with 30 gallons (6 containers that are 5 gallons each)- about 30 days of drinking water storage! High-quality containers
The Stackable Water Container Kit is made from 100 percent non-toxic food-grade plastic. That means there is no leaching and the plastic is more durable than others. Save on space
These Stackable Water Containers allow you to save on space. Instead of laying your water containers all over the floor, you can stack them to increase your storage space!Emergencies and natural disasters can strike at any time and it's important to be prepared. One of the largest needs that you and your family will have is a good supply of drinking water. The 30-Gallon Stackable Water Container Kit is a great way to be ready! With high-grade plastic, opaque outsides and stacking ability, this is a great choice for your family.

The Stackable Water Containers each hold 5 gallons of water. That means that with this kit, you'll have 30 gallons of fresh, clean water for you and our loved ones. You'll need about a half gallon each day for drinking water and an additional half gallon for cleaning and hygiene purposes in an emergency which means that this supply will last a person 30 days.

With the flat bottoms and tops, these containers can nest together for easy stacking. This will save you space and be more convenient than other containers. Instead of trying to move around a large container, you can easily pick up a 5-gallon container and use as needed.

Water is an item that you'll need in an emergency. While you might be able to survive for a while without food, you won't last very long without water. Be prepared with water for your family and buy today!

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid leaking, tighten cap well. The vast majority are able to do so by hand. For those that are not able to fasten the cap tight enough by hand, we recommend using channel locks and Teflon Tape as needed.
30-Gallon Stackable Water Container Kit - 6 Qty
(6) 5-Gallon Water Container - Stackable
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Supply Duration 1-Month
Brand Ready Store
Dimensions (LxWxH) 11" x 10" x 15"
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