12-Hour Light Stick | 20 Pack

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12-Hour Light Stick | 20 Pack


All Features & Specs
Power/Fuel Source: Chemical
Light Source: Luminescence

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Benefits & Description

Benefits & Description

Just Snap to Activate | 12 Hours of Light | Bundle of 20

Comes in Pack of 20
These glow sticks come in a pack of 20 so that you can distribute them throughout your family's 72-hour packs, auto kits and more. Keep Your Family Safe in an Emergency
No batteries, matches or fuel required. Always ready to be used when you need it most. No worrying about dead batteries. Have Peace of Mind
Trusted quality from The Ready Store, tested and used by employees and shown to be a great quality light stick versus competitors. Flexible Product Storing Options
These light sticks have a hook and a hole to give you various methods to tie this light sticks to a variety of different applications. You and your family will have 12 hours of light during an emergency. Simply crack the glow stick open and shake until the stick begins to glow bright green.

Each glow stick comes with a 31.5-inch string to attach to other items. That way you can wear them around your neck, tie them to a backpack or another object. Each glow stick has an easy-open notch at the top to tie into string, attach to a pack or hook. The glow stick also has a wider, sturdy base in order to stand up straight.

These high-quality glowsticks have a shelf-life of 3 years so you can throw them in any emergency pack or your car's kit and feel safe for years to come.
What's In-the-Box?
12-Hour Light Stick | 20 Pack (1 Piece):
(20) - 12-Hour Light Stick
Features & Specifications

Features & Functions

SKU: LC0013X20
Supply Duration: 20-Day
Needs Supplied: Light and Communication, Tools and Supplies
Estimated Shelf Life: 3 Years
Brand: The Ready Store
Dimensions (LxWxH): 6"x1"x1"
Features and Functions: Light
Power/Fuel Source: Chemical
Light Source: Luminescence

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