Dynamo Flashlights, Why are They So Important.

You're sitting around enjoying your favorite TV program or watching your favorite online videos and suddenly your power goes out. You guide your self around your house to find the location where you have your flashlight stored.

You grab hold of the flashlight and try to turn it on and the batteries are dead.  You never want to deal with being stuck with a situation where you have no batteries and no light. That's when you reach into your 72 hour kit for your Dynamo Flash Light.  If it does not have a charge in it you just grab the handle then rotate it around and in one to two minutes of charging the flashlight you will have hours of bright light. Now you might ask, "How does it work?" and my reply for you is simple, a dynamo has coils of wire rotating inside a magnetic field. The varying magnetic flux causes electrons to move in the coils, thus creating electrical current.
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We at The Ready Store have many different options of Dynamo flashlights with LED bulbs as the light source.  These do not require much electricity in order to put out a bright of light.  The Compact LED Shake ReadyLIGHT is a simple way of having light.  No winding needed; just shake the flashlight and you will generate electricity. Our Ultra-Bright 3-LED Dynamo Flashlight will live up to its name.  The 3-LED lights can put out an ultra-bright light, but when you want to talk about our brightest flash light, look no further. The Compact Dynamo Radio 5-LED Flashlight , Siren - AM/FM one of the brightest & best Dynamo Flashlight/Radio products we have. Now you might wonder what would be an ideal place for your Dynamo Flashlight?

Its also a great idea to give to your children so they have it next to their bed in case they get scared at night and need a flash light.  Or when they are going trick-or-treat they can have a great light source that does not take up any costly batteries. I know form personal experience that they will also enjoy the action of winding of the dynamo flashlight. So next time your power goes out or if you just need to look in a dark place reach for your Dynamo Flashlight & enjoy having a great light source to light your way.

One thought on “Dynamo Flashlights, Why are They So Important.”

  • RKM

    I have had 3 of these at various times. all three have broken.
    one the on board storage system gave out after about 6 months, on another the squeeze handle fell off while trying to charge it. and the other was DOA. Now I carry a good AA flashlight with me where ever I go. Cheap off of amazon and you always know the condition of the battery.

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