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  • An inexpensive, handy, sprout seed mix.

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Bean Trio Sprout Seed Mix - ORGANIC

QUICK FACTS | All Features & Specs

Sprout: Adzuki, pea, & garbanzo
Organic: Yes
Origin: USA
Shelf Life: Up to 4 Yr
Size: 4 ounces

Price: $2.95



Benefits & Description

Flavorful Variety | Excellent Nutrition | Easy to Use

Keep Your Seeds Stored Safely for Time of Need
With this savory blend you can join the many others who are taking control of their food security by starting their own private seed vaults. Excellent Taste, Excellent Variety Pack
Add a little flavor to your typical survival meal with this savory salad and seed blend. This 4 ounce organic seed mixture includes adzuki seeds, peas and garbanzo seeds for a tasty, nutritious addition to your emergency food pantry or home seed vault. Grow Sprouts for Additional Nutrition
The seeds in the Salad Sprout Seed Mix allow for a delicious, nutritious addition to sandwiches, salads, stir fries, side dishes and more. Keep your emergency food stores green and healthy with the organic Salad Sprout Seed Mix. With your own organic seeds you don’t need to worry about pesticides, contaminants or genetic modification — you just get safe, organic seeds ready for the sprouting.

This 4 ounce sprouting mixture includes adzuki seeds, peas and garbanzo seeds for a protein-rich, flavorful sprout mix that pairs well with salads, sandwiches, burgers and more. Better yet, these sprouting seeds are certified USDA organic, ensuring that your food supply is safe and secure.

Growing these sprouting seeds is easy and fast Within a few short days you’ll have nutritious and delicious sprouts by the handful. Shelf life varies by seed variety. Sprouts are exceptionally nutritious, protein-rich, and easy to digest. And as an easy to grow, use and store food source with a long shelf life, they’re ideal for emergency food storage.

Versatile and easy to use, this salad trio sprout seed mix includes 4 ounces of adzuki seeds, peas and garbanzo seeds, all of which turn into nutritional powerhouses once sprouted. And the sprouts aren’t just incredibly nutritious, they’re delicious on a wide variety of foods, including salads, sandwiches, burgers and more.

What's In-the-Box?

Sprouting seeds
1 bag - Salad Sprout Seed Mix - ORGANIC
Sprout Variety: Adzuki, Pea, & Garbanzo

Features & Functions

SKU: EK0052
Shipping Weight (lbs): 0.2600
Preservation Method: No
Net Weight of Contents: .25 lbs
Brand: The Ready Store
Packaging: Pouch
Estimated Shelf Life: Up to 4 Years
Allergen and Specialty: Vegetarian
Food Type: Vegetables


Bean Trio Sprout Seed Mix - ORGANIC
Victorio 4-Tray Seed Sprouter
Jar Sprouting Lid
Price for All Items Together:


  • An inexpensive, handy, sprout seed mix.

    • Price
    • Value
    • Quality

    Can't wait to try it out!