FAQ - MRE Nutrition Value

There are a few different ways civilians can order a case of MREs.  One way is to order the full meal MREs, which include everything from the main entree to the plastic-ware and drink mix.  They can also order a package that just includes the main entree.

The main part of an MRE meal is called an MRE entree.  The entree is packed inside a pouch that's kept inside cardboard box.  This box doesn't include the side dish, snacks, drink mixes, and condiments that a full-meal MRE has.  It's important to understand the difference before you order a case of MREs.

One of the most common questions people call in and ask about MREs is about the nutrition value of an MRE entree.  It's important to keep in mind that all MRE entrees are specifically designed for use by the US Military.

They have been designed to meet the specifications that the Department of Defence requires for food for the US Military, and contrary to what some say, we have the bet fed military in the world.

A typical MRE entree will have anywhere from 250-350 calories.  Each entree is very high in carbs, protein, and fats.  They are nutritionally balanced for high intensity environments, which is ideal for an emergency.

3 thoughts on “FAQ - MRE Nutrition Value”

  • Noel Napolitan

    Good info. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

  • roger

    I ate those things for some time in service. They are terrific if you need to conserve toilet paper because they will change your daily ritual from a routine to not so much. Not all people are the same but myself and many of my fellow freedom fighters were constantly suffering from cramps.

  • debbie e

    Just got back from a four day camping trip that turned into an exercise in both patience and testing how waterproof our boots were. Over 4 inches of rain in 36 hours with wind made heating water for our mountain house meals a net loss, the calories lost to cold being wet minding the stove (and keeping it going#@$&%@!;*¥!!!!) Made switching to the mres I always carry a no brainer. After the third day cramps were not the problem, but it took lot longer to packup and get home due to very frequent stops lol. But having hot meals made all the difference when the temps dropped in the wet. Made what could have become dangerous just a good story later

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