What's a ReadyQuick List?

In order to help you be prepared more quickly, we’ve released a new tool that makes preparedness fast and easy!

The ReadyQuick List is an option on any of our category pages that allows you to quickly view and purchase all in the same location. Instead of searching around the site, you’ll be able to navigate all the products in one location and place your order more efficiently and quickly.

Here's how it works:

You can find the ReadyQuick List by navigating to any of the subjects in the menu up above (Food Storage, MRE Meals, Water Storage, etc.)

Main Category Example

You can also find the ReadyQuick List by simply hovering over any of the menus above and clicking on ReadyQuick List.

Ready Quick List Menu Hover Example

Once you are on the subject page, you can see all the products in the category and add the quantity you'd like in one location. You can also add multiple products to your cart at once - quickly and easily.

ReadyQuick List

We developed tools like this from feedback from customers like you. So, what are your thoughts? Comment below to tell us what you'd like to see on our website!

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