MRE Shock and Awe!

Written by The Ready Store

I just wanted to tell a quick story of how just seeing an MRE in action can open peoples eyes  As you may know, this last week we held our first “ReadySteps” Workshop.  It was so funny to see the look on peoples faces as Jonathan (our presenter) demonstrated using an MRE.  All at once the MRE was steaming and people were gasping with awe.  Finally they got it.  They wouldn’t need to cook in an emergency.  They wouldn’t need to spend hours preparing the food.  They are light weight and perfect for “Grab-N-Go’ Emergencies.

When people think about MRE’s they think of a bag of mush.  They forgot the goodies that come along with mre entrees.  These goodies include cookies, fig newton bars, and even french toast!  MRE’s are actually really good.  They are one of the most versatile foods you have have for emergencies, and they taste great!  They provide the necessary calories and more important, nutrition you will need.  In addition they can be used for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

I am planning a Grand Canyon Week Long Hike for this coming spring.  You can bet I will bring along MRE’s!

If you would like to see an MRE in action … here is a quick video of Jeff demonstrating how to use an MRE. 

There are so many people how could benefit from storing a good supply of MRE’s.  Please help us get the word out to the masses!  Oh, and make sure you get some yourself!

We recommend that you have MRE’s stored both for your grab-n-go supplies and some for your shelter-in-place supplies.  They can last 5-10 years if they are stored correctly.  They are built to last as they can be dropped from 200 feet in the air from a helicopter and be just fine.

I personally love to snack on the french toast… the syrup is inside the toast making each bit simply delicious.

Updated December 4, 2009

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