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Minuteman IV Person Emergency Kit
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Minuteman IV Person Emergency Kit

QUICK FACTS | All Features & Specs

Persons Supplied: 4-Person
Water: Yes
Food Type: Calorie Bar
Food/Water Shelf-Life: Up to 5-Years
Hygiene Items: Yes
First-Aid & Tools: Yes
Emergency Lights: Yes
Cooking Items: Yes
Warmth/Shelter: Yes

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Benefits & Description

Provides for 4 Adults | Food & Water Too | Great Value & Selection

Be Prepared No Matter What Happens
This kit includes everything an adult will need in an emergency kit: food, water, light, communication materials, warmth and shelter necessities, first-aid and sanitation supplies! Save Time and Money
By purchasing all these emergency supplies in one convenient kit, you save both the time of tracking all these materials down and the extra money you’d have to spend on each one. Don’t Stress about Emergencies
This kit comes in one well made camping backpack for both organization and grab‘n’go convenience. Take Care of Yourself and Others
Materials are non-perishable and will be there when you really need to use them. Feel Confident in Your Preparations
As always, this product is trusted quality from The Ready Store—it won’t let you down! When a disaster strikes it can come down to grab’n’go rushed evacuations. Make sure your family is safeguarded from chaos and panic with our Ultimate Ready Evac Kit. This kit contains all of the essentials you would need to survive during an emergency organized in an easy to grasp backpack. If you are forced from your home for reasons such as a quickly encroaching wild-fire or intense hurricane you will have piece of mind knowing you are ready with enough food & water, warm blankets, shelter, and other crucial emergency survival supplies to last one week.

Having a kit like this isn’t just convenient—it could actually save lives. In a best-case scenario, you will never have to use it. But do yourself a favor by having emergency supplies on hand just in case. You never know what could happen, and if things get chaotic, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are taken care of.

What's In-the-Box?

Enclosure (2 Pieces):
(2) Kelty Redwing 44 Liter Backpack - Black  
(1) Waterproof Document Protector  
Food & Water (74 Pieces):
(4) 3600 Datrex Calorie Bar  
(64) 4.227 ounce Datrex Water Pouches  
(4) 1-Gallon Collapsible Water Container  
(2) Potable Aqua - Water Purification Tablets with PA Plus  
Warmth & Shelter (22 Pieces):
(2) Aluminum Coated Tube Tents  
(4) Aluminized Full Body Sleeping Bags  
(4) Emergency Adult Ponchos  
(12) 8 Hour Hand Warmers  
Light & Communication (2 Pieces):
(2) Kaito Radio, Flashlight, & Cell Phone Chargers  
Emergency Tools (10 Pieces):
(2) 50 feet of 550 Paracord - Black (100 feet total)  
(2) 7" Knife with Fire Starter  
(1) Duct Tape - 10 YARDS  
(1) Folding Shovel  
(4) Carabiners  
Cooking & Food Preparation (31 Pieces):
(4) 7-IN-1 Multi-Functional Camping Tools (HOBO tool)  
(1) Flat-Fold Stove  
(24) Fuel Tablets for Flat Fold Stove  
(2) Aluminum Mess Kits - comes with 2 eight-ounce cups, 2 six-inch deep dish plates, 2 7.5-inch frying pans, and 2 16-ounce pots with lids  
First Aid (303 Pieces):
(1) 299 Piece 1st aid kit - SOFT CASE  
(4) N95 Vented Particulate Respirator Face Mask  
Sanitation & Hygeine (18 Pieces):
(4) Toothbrush  
(4) Toothpaste  
(4) Bar of soap  
(4) Hand Sanitizer  
(2) Roll of Toilet Paper  

Features & Functions

SKU: EK0105
Shipping Weight (lbs): 0.0000
Supply Duration: N/A
Estimated Shelf Life: 1-5 Years
Brand: The Ready Store
Kit Supplies: Food/Water/Equipment


Minuteman IV Person Emergency Kit
Saratoga Farms Pouch Food Add On Kit
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