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ASAP Trigger Spray for Colloidal Silver Bottles - 16 oz

QUICK FACTS | All Features & Specs

Size: Fits 16 oz bottle
Easy to Use: Yes
Brand: ASAP

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Benefits & Description

Trigger Spray | Target Area | Fits 16 oz Bottles

Easy to Use
Just screw on the trigger sprayer and you are ready. Target Your Spray
Don't waste any of your colloidal silver with letting it drip all over. Spray directly onto the area you need with no mess. For Use with 16 Oz Colloidal Silver Bottles
If you have an 16 oz colloidal silver bottle, you'll definitely want to get one of these for its convenience and effectiveness. More Convenient
Forget about having to dab sensitive areas with cotton balls or paper towels. The ASAP Trigger Spray is specifically designed for your 16 oz colloidal silver bottle top. Now you can apply colloidal silver to any cuts, scrapes, or back of your throat with just one pull of the trigger. Forget about dabbing sensitive areas with paper towels or cotton balls.

Get the right amount of colloidal silver you want right where you want it each and every time.

What's In-the-Box?

(1) Colloidal Silver Trigger Spray

Features & Functions

SKU: FA0046
Shipping Weight (lbs): 0.1100
Supply Type: Shelter-in-place, Grab-n-go
Supply Duration: Indefinite
Situational Usage: Auto, Biological, Earthquake, Electrical, Fire, Flood, Hurricane, Medical, Nuclear, Storm, Tornado
Estimated Shelf Life: 5-10 Years
Brand: ASAP
Enclosure Type: None


ASAP Trigger Spray for Colloidal Silver Bottles - 16 oz
ASAP Silver Solution 16-oz
Price for Both Items Together: