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Eton FRX3 All-Purpose Radio


  • Good solid radio

    • Quality
    • Price
    • Value

    I loved it, works well and does what it says it does



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Eton FRX3 All-Purpose Radio

QUICK FACTS | All Features & Specs

NOAA Weather Band: Yes
AM\FM Radio: Yes
Dynamo: Yes
Flashlight: Yes
Solar Powered: Yes
USB Charge: Yes
Headphone Jack: Yes
Aux. Input: Yes
Alarm Clock: Yes

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Sale Price: $64.38

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Benefits & Description

Cell Phone Charger | NOAA Weather Band | 4 Power Sources

4 Power Sources
Keep the FRX3 running via solar, dynamo crank, built-in rechargeable battery, or traditional batteries. Secure Your Communications
With a USB port, simply plug your smartphone into the FRX3 and you can "dump charge" your phone; like plugging into an outlet. Multiple Uses
Use the Eton FRX2 as a radio, flashlight, or charger for your devices. Great for Emergencies
Having access to NOAA weather band or the ability to charge your smartphone will be very helpful in an emergency situation. The Eton FRX3 is the ultimate rechargeable weather alert radio with dynamo crank, solar panel, and smartphone charging capability. After just one minute of crank time you will have enough power to play music, news, and weather for 15-20 minutes. This radio is perfect for emergency situations or your next outdoor adventure. Being one of Eton's most popular radios, the FRX3 has all the bells and whistles you could ask for. The radio has an alert function that allows the device to automatically broadcast if there is an emergency weather alert. In addition to the alert function and a digital display, the FRX3 has an AUX-input to play your own music.

Eton FRX3 Features:

- NOAA weather band radio stations
- LED flashlight and Beacon
- USB device charger
- Glow in the dark locator
- AM/FM radio
- Headphone jack
- Alarm clock
- AUX-input
- Digital tuner

Four Power Sources:

- Hand turbine charging power
- Solar panel
- Internal rechargeable battery
- Traditional batteries

What's In-the-Box?

Light & Communication (1 Multi-Function Tool):
(1) Eton FRX3  

Features & Functions

SKU: LC0071
Supply Duration: Indefinite
Estimated Shelf Life: Indefinite
Brand: Eton
Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.9” x 5.8 x 2.6
Features and Functions: Alarm, Blinking Light, Cell Phone Charger, Headphone Jack, Light, Radio Receiver
Frequency Reception: AM/FM, NOAA Weather (NWR)
Power/Fuel Source: Computer USB, Dynamo/Crank, Rechargeable Battery, Solar
Light Source: L.E.D.


Eton FRX3 All-Purpose Radio
7" Hunting Knife with Fire Starter
Price for Both Items Together:


  • Good solid radio

    • Quality
    • Price
    • Value

    I loved it, works well and does what it says it does