Magical Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be a great tool in your emergency pack. It has hundreds of uses that can help you clean and disinfect in any situation. Hydrogen peroxide has the chemical property H2O2 It is a strong oxidizer and is often used as a bleach or cleaning agent. You can also use it to whiten clothes, fight infections, make your own toothpaste, etc. Check out these ideas below on how you can use hydrogen peroxide for multiple purposes around your home. Purchasing Hydrogen Peroxide When you’re purchasing hydrogen peroxide, you have a few different options. Hydrogen peroxide comes in a few different grades, the most common being 3.5% Pharmaceutical grade. This is sold in your local drug stores and supermarket and should not be ingested. 6% grade is used in  …

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Different Uses for an Emergency Blanket

The idea for the Mylar blanket originated with NASA. In 1964 the organization was looking for a material that would insulate, be lightweight and very efficient. They invented the Mylar blanket (aka space blanket) and it has since been used on virtually every space mission. The shiny blanket lined the bottom of the Apollo lunar lander vehicles and, as a tribute to its usefulness, is still used today in satellites, space stations and telescopes. While the idea had many uses for space travel, the blanket has since found many uses for preparedness and emergencies. The blanket can be used during power outages, auto breakdowns, to collect water, create shelter and more. Check out these ideas below and be sure to add your own in the comment section. – Do you  …

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Rope Making 101

Knowing how to make rope is a great skill to have in an emergency. You might be able to find weaker materials like twine, string, yarn, plant fibers or even plastic bags but they won’t be able to hold anything strong until they are bound together as rope. Making rope is a great skill to know and very easy to do. Below, we’ve listed some instructions on how you can make a simple rope design. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to make a rope and many materials you can use. For this design, you’ll need: • Twine or string • Two sticks First Spin 1. Attach the twine to one stick using a bowline knot. Make the loop large enough to slip off of the stick, if  …

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How to Make Your Own Vinegar

Making your own homemade vinegar is a great way to save money and become more self-sufficient. With a simple process, you can create your own vinegar to add to your family’s food storage. The majority of vinegars made by homesteaders are apple cider vinegars or some type of variation. The process is pretty simple and the materials are pretty easy to come by. Below, we’ve listed some directions on how you can make your own. Helpful Hints Be Clean. Creating vinegar is a process of fermentation. However, you want the right bacteria to be growing in the jar of vinegar. If you aren’t washing your hands and allow foreign bacteria from your hands or the countertop you’re working on to get inside the container, the vinegar probably won’t turn out  …

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Make a Paracord Drawstring Pouch

Paracord can be an awesome tool in your preparedness arsenal. This durable nylon rope can be tied into tons of different designs including bracelets, strengthened cords, pouches and more. If you’re in an emergency, you simply unwind the strong cord and use it to bind, haul or anything else that you might need. So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert paracord lover, we have a design for you. Check out these paracord designs below. If you don’t want to spend time weaving your own bracelet, you can always let us do it for you. What is Paracord? Paracord, also known as parachute cord, is a soft, lightweight nylon rope that was originally used for parachuting. Typically, 550 paracord (which is the paracord used for our bracelets) is made of  …

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10 Helpful Uses for Bananas

Bananas make great snacks but they can also be used for many other purposes. You can use bananas and their peels to help cook meat, fertilize, attract animals or cure dry eyes. Tenderize a Roast Banana leaves are often used in Asian countries to wrap meat as it’s cooking. Many of them say that bananas will also have the same effect. So, next time you are making a roast, try adding a banana peel to the pot to soften up the meat. – 8 Unconventional Uses for Milk -  Polish Silverware It might sound a like a prank, but rubbing a banana peel on silverware is a great way to restore the shine. First, remove any of the leftover stringy material from inside the peel. After you’ve rubbed the silverware,  …

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8 Unconventional Uses for Milk

There’s nothing better than a nice, fresh-tasting glass of milk to go along with those cookies. But did you know that you can get multiple uses out of that milk? You can use it for cleaning, first-aid, shaving and many other things. Powdered milks can also play a great role in helping you around the house. Not only do they taste great and are prepared by just adding cold water, they can come in handy while treating bites or removing ink stains. Make Frozen Fish Taste Fresh If the fish from your freezer is tasting a little old, just allow it to thaw in a bath of cold milk. The milk will freshen up the fish and make it taste better. Repair Cracked China Remember that fine china you got  …

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How to Make Your Own Toothpaste

Dental care is a necessary part of your health and wellness. Being able to provide your own dental care is a great way to establish your self-sufficency and save your family money. Below are some ideas on how you can make your own toothpastes or take care of your teeth in a disaster. Basic Toothpaste Recipe • 1/2 cup Baking Soda • 1/2 cup Coconut Oil • Drops of Peppermint or Spearmint (optional) Simply mix equal parts baking soda and coconut oil. Add a few drops of peppermint or spearmint if you want to add some fresh flavor. This recipe creates an effective, yet simple, toothpaste. After you’ve prepared the batch, store it in a glass jar with a lid. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Advanced Toothpaste Recipe •  …

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8 Interesting Uses for Mason Jars

Mason jars are some of the most durable and useful items in your preparedness pantry. While Philadelphia’s John Landis Mason first patented the jar in 1858 for home food storage, the jar has now found multiple uses including cleaning, gardening, housing emergency supplies and more. Check out these ideas on what to do with your Mason jars and comment below to add your input. Add a Spout Most cardboard salt containers have a metalized spout on the top that folds out. You can add these to any mason jar. After you’ve finished with the old salt container, cut the whole top off of the salt container. It will likely be too wide to fit inside the mason jar sealing ring. Simply measure how large it needs to be by tracing  …

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8 Interesting Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil can be used in a wide variety of areas including cooking, gardening, personal use, and even in engines! It’s a great tool to have in your preparedness aresenal. Since it has so many uses, it can save you money and contribute to your overall natural health. One of the great things about coconut oil is that it’s slow to oxidize. That means that it’s slower to turn rancid. This is due to the high content of saturated fats contained in it but also makes it very stable at high temperatures for cooking. Below, we’ve listed some great things that you can do with coconut oil. Take a look and let us know what you think: PLEASE NOTE: Many organizations including the FDA, World Health Organization, American Dietetic Association,  …

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