Construct Your Own Rain Gutter Water Collection System

One of the first things that even the most prepared survivalist will soon have in short supply following a collapse is potable water. Unless you have your own well or creek on your homestead, you’ll have to rely on the water you have stored up – which will quickly dwindle. And even that water may become contaminated with runoff of pollutants, fecal bacteria, or other deadly poisons. One source of free and fresh water that you can collect without fear is rainwater. Rainwater may come sporadically, though, so you want to be able to maximize your collection when it does fall, and have a safe, secure means of storing it. A rain gutter collection system will allow you to do this. And even prior to a collapse, you can collect  …

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Build Your Own Wind-Powered Water Pump

One of the most important jobs when you’re growing your own food is ensuring that your garden is getting an adequate supply of water. If you are in a situation that requires you to grow a lot of your own food, keeping the garden watered by hand can be a time-consuming job. Following an economic collapse, electricity and other forms of nonrenewable energy will be very scarce, which means you won’t be able to rely on powered water pumps. Fortunately, there’s an alternative. Humans used wind power to pump water for centuries prior to the industrial revolution, and following an economic collapse, you can return to this technology – with a few modern additions. In fact, you can build a wind-powered water pump out of recycled bike parts and PVC  …

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Many Uses of Borax

Cleaning uses of Borax Borax is the industry name borate, a mineral that occurs naturally. It is an affordable alternative cleaner that has countless uses around the house. Because it does not go bad and has many different uses – including cleaning and stain removal – Borax is an excellent item to have on hand in case of a survival emergency. In the meantime, using Borax instead of expensive special purpose cleaners can save you a lot of money. These specialized cleaners typically advertise as having “new” or “advanced” formulas for very specific uses, but the truth is that you don’t need them. In order to stay profitable, brand-name cleaning products are constantly remaking themselves, but you can use traditional cleaners that work just as well if not better. With  …

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Fishing Without Fishing Gear

When you are in a survival situation, knowing how to fish can get you a great source of high-energy protein quickly and easily. But let’s say you are in a survival situation and don’t have any fishing gear such as tackle, line, or hooks. What then? Knowing a few basic techniques for catching fish without gear can be the difference between going hungry and staying alive. Improvised Gear It’s important in a survival situation to be resourceful enough to find and improvise traditional fishing gear from anything on your person or what you can scavenge. Hooks. Hooks can be improvised from a wide range of different items, including nails, safety pins, soda can tabs, and a range of organic materials, such as bones, claws, antlers, shells, and even whittled sticks.  …

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10 Awesome Uses for Tin Foil

Tinfoil has many uses. While most people use it for cooking and storing leftovers, there are a number of other uses that make this household product worth adding to your emergency preparedness plans. Here are our top 10 favorite uses. 1. Sharpen Scissors Yes, you read that right. To do it you will first need to smooth the foil out followed by fold the sheets into strips making several layers. Next grab your scissors and start cutting. Eight or nine passes of the foil sheet should do the trick! 2. Clean jewelry and silverware Line a bowl with aluminum foil and fill it up with hot water. Next add 1 tablespoon of bleach-free powdered (not liquid) laundry detergent. Then simply place the jewelry or silverware in the solution for one  …

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WD-40 Survival Guide

You may not have ever thought that WD-40 could be used for more than loosening up rusty parts or greasing up your bike chain. In fact WD-40 can be used for many purposes that might just lead to your survival. Here are 13 ways that you can re-purpose WD-40 to help you in any situation! Feel free to add your own ideas and experiences at the end of this article. Help spread the word to others by sharing this on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ pages. Prevent Snow Build-Up on Windows Does the weather forecast predict a big winter snowstorm? You can’t stop the snow from falling, but you can prevent it from building up on your house’s windows. Just spray WD-40 over the outside of your windows before  …

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Lemon Uses That’ll Surprise You

Lemons are one of those great tools that can help you save money and become more self-sufficient. Knowing its multiple uses can help you become more self-reliant when you are cooking, cleaning, using first-aid or homesteading. Check out these amazing uses of lemons below and add your own at the bottom! Disinfect Cuts and Scrapes This might burn a little bit but you can stop bleeding and disinfect minor cuts and scrapes. Pour a few lemon drops directly on the cut. You can also place a few drops of juice onto a cotton swab and hold it firmly on the scrape for 1 minute. Keep Ants Out of the Kitchen Don’t waste money on all those fancy insecticides and ant traps, just give lemons a try! Squirt some lemon juice  …

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A Bullet-Proof Couch Could Save Your Life

A new invention called the Couchbunker is making a name for itself as a way to conceal a gun safe in an open, accessible area. The Couchbunker was invented by John Adrian, CEO of Heracles Research Corporation. He also has gun safes that are built into beds called Bedbunkers. “Hopefully you never need the panels,” Adrain explained to WFAA News in Texas, adding, “but we never know the situation we’re going to be in. If there’s a home invasion, you can take one of the cushions, and hand it to one of your children or your spouse to protect them. We make them with arm straps, so you can hold the cushion with one hand and fire with the other hand.” The cushions act as bullet-proof shields that can be  …

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30 Hacks to Help You Through Life

We all have little problems that we’d rather do without: Accidentally hammering your finger, lighting a candle when you don’t have any matches, forgetting whether you locked the door while you’re on vacation, losing a piece of jewelry around the house, hiding your keys and phone while you’re at the beach, carrying all the grocery bags inside while they slowly cut off the circulation to all of your fingertips – all things we’d rather do without! These are every day problems that just need a quick and easy solution! Here are 30 simple solutions to these everyday problems. These solutions will save you little bits of time and effort every day! Just check out the ideas below! So what ideas do you have? Do you have a simple hack that  …

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8 Amazing Uses for Butter

Not only is butter found in your favorite meals, dishes and desserts; it’s also a great multi-use tool for food preservation, cleaning, medical needs and more. Check out these eight ideas on how you can use butter to help save time and money. These ideas will help you become more self-reliant and prepared. Keep Mold Off Cheese Is your cheese growing moldy too quickly? Rub it in butter! Lay a thin coat of butter on semi-hard cheese before you re-wrap it and it will help extend the shelf life of the cheese. Foot Ache After a long day of walking, soothing your feet is a must! Massage your feet with butter, wrap them in a damp, hot cloth and let them sit for 10 minutes. Your feet might smell a  …

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