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What Are Your 2015 Preparedness Goals?

2015 is fast approaching and that means New Year’s Resolutions! So, what are your preparedness goals going to be?
The beginning of the new year is a great time to analyze your needs and wants as a family. That’s why we’ve prepared this easy-to-use preparedness checklist.

Many people don’t even know where to begin when it comes... Read More

How to Smoke Meat the Right Way

Before freeze drying or refrigeration, people would preserve foods by smoking them - especially meats. Smoke would extend the shelf life for the winter and add flavor while making the meats tender.
Now, smoking has evolved into a fun way to add tons of flavor to your cuts of meat. You might think that it’s... Read More

Construct Your Own Rain Gutter Water Collection System

One of the first things that even the most prepared survivalist will soon have in short supply following a collapse is potable water. Unless you have your own well or creek on your homestead, you’ll have to rely on the water you have stored up – which will quickly dwindle. And even that water may... Read More

Build Your Own Wind-Powered Water Pump

One of the most important jobs when you’re growing your own food is ensuring that your garden is getting an adequate supply of water. If you are in a situation that requires you to grow a lot of your own food, keeping the garden watered by hand can be a time-consuming job.

Following an economic collapse... Read More

Knife Sharpening Techniques

Nothing is more frustrating than getting out your favorite knife and finding the blade dull. Here is how to quickly, easily and inexpensively transform that dull blade back into the efficient, precise tool you have come to rely on.

Why you should sharpen your knives
A dull knife can be more dangerous than a sharp one when... Read More

Should You Raise Turkeys?

Raising turkeys can be a great way to become a little more self-reliant and show your independent spirit around the holiday times.
While they are fairly easy to raise and similar to raising chickens, there are some differences, especially when they are young, that you’ll need to consider. You’ll have to consider how much space the... Read More

How to Make Your Own Arrowheads

Learning how to make your own arrowheads is an important survival skill that helped our ancestors hunt game for thousands of years, and one that can keep you alive if you ever find yourself in a survival situation. The process of making arrowheads is called Flint Knapping, and it relies on making arrowheads from stone... Read More

Make a Fishing Lure Out of an Aluminum Can

This article is intended to be a fun project for you, your family or any fishing outing. We will demonstrate how you can make your own fishing lure out of common household/office supplies.
Just some basic background on what exactly a fishing lure is:
A fishing lure is a type of artificial bait with the sole purpose... Read More

Build a Solar-Powered Water Heater

This is a very simple design for a batch-type solar water heater that uses a thermosiphon loop to move water between a solar thermal collector and a storage barrel. While it’s not the most efficient method for solar water heating and works rather slowly, it effectively demonstrates the operation of a thermosiphon and its connection... Read More

Should You Raise Pigs?

I'm sure you saw the title of this article and immediately thought, "I already live with a few."
However, whether you're a self-reliant homesteader or just want to cut away from your food budget, raising pigs (of the porcine variety) is a great way to become more self-reliant and sufficient. If you raise your own meat... Read More

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