How to Pluck and Dress a Chicken

We’ve talked previously about caring for chickens on a homestead. But most people aren’t raising chickens just as pets - they’re raising them to eat!
So, what is the best way to kill, pluck and prepare a chicken?
Below, we’ve prepared some instructions on how you can do that. Take a look at the instructions and be... Read More

The History and Future of Food

More than 19,000 years ago had your kids asked, “What’s for dinner," your answer may have been, “Oysters, snails, insects, eggs and emmer grains.”
Two thousand years later, emmer and barley emerged as the predominant wheat and principal cereals in the late Mesolithic to early Neolithic periods, around 17,000 BC. A 2008 study by Hacettepe University... Read More

Tsogo: The Future of Food?

DRAPER, UTAH - Dec. 8, 2015 - Will food ever change? Consider the changes in the past 50 years to travel, communication and entertainment. We text, we IM and we video chat more than we make phone calls. In 2015, more than 121 million people shopped online on Cyber Monday in lieu of visiting brick-and-mortar... Read More

Advancements in Portable Emergency Power

Emergency power options within the preparedness industry are constantly evolving. From gas generators and deep cycle batteries to wind and solar there are more and more options to generate power for use in an emergency. For those that need mobility the problem traditionally has been the bulk and weight of such systems but even that... Read More

Storing Your Water in the Winter

Water is the most important item to keep in your storage because it is essential to survival. However, this can become more difficult in the winter when temperatures drop below freezing. If your water freezes, you’ll need to use precious energy and heat to thaw it out for use again. But there are precautions you... Read More

6 Ways to Pay Off Your Debt

If you are carrying a large amount of debt it can feel hopeless and seem impossible to get yourself out of the situation. Debt can be very limiting and controlling, and your life can be lived much more freely when you don’t have that hanging over your head. However, there are steps you can take... Read More

How to Rotate Your Own Tires

Knowing how to care for your car can help you become more independent and self-reliant. Not to mention, if there was a breakdown in the economic structure and you had to start maintaining your own car, would you know how to do it?
The knowledge and ability to rotate your own tires is a good skill... Read More

How to Milk a Goat

If you have ever wanted to keep an animal, goats are a great option. Not only are they friendly and sociable animals, they can also contribute to your self-sufficiency with their milk. Goat milk has become increasingly popular because of its higher fat content, which makes it ideal for making cheeses. It is also easier... Read More

How to Harvest and Store Your Own Seeds

Seeds are an essential part of the sustainability of our eco system. Saving seeds from the plants that we grow has great importance in supporting an ecosystem and providing it with a variety of plants and breeds. Now it is considered a form of art by many people because very few do it. But seed... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Power Grids

Electricity is such a constant, normal luxury that we have in our lives. We don’t really think about it until it’s not there. We use power in so many of our daily activities, but how does this electricity actually reach us and why is it so important?
What is a Power Grid?
Power grids are the complex... Read More

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