About Us

The Ready Store, like most American businesses, grew from a great idea, hard work, and ingenuity!

Jeff and Amy Davis, founders of The Ready Store, realized that many families were in situations just like them. They saw an increased amount of families suffering through economic hard times, natural and man-made disasters. They saw a need for people to be prepared with emergency supplies, food storage and helpful information.

“I had no idea how to run an online business at the time,” Jeff said. “I quit my job cold turkey without any security for my family or an idea for a business.” Looking back, Jeff admits it probably wasn’t his most thought out move.

Jeff and Amy decided that they should sell 72-hour kits. She knew that a lot of people were in financial trouble and needed some type of product that would help them in case of an emergency.

“She had taken pictures of our family’s 72-hour kit and designed them to be sold online.” Jeff posted the pictures and started to sell the kits online. “Within a couple hours we had our first sale.”

That same day, as the customers continued to file in to their website, they went to the store and bought extra emergency supplies. They began to assemble more kits in their basement and to ship them to their customers.

As the business began to grow, they moved the “warehouse” from their basement to an actual warehouse in Provo, Utah. They began to take on more employees and moved to Bluffdale, Utah, after that. The company continues to grow and currently has two warehouse locations and one of the largest online distributions of any emergency preparedness companies

The company also grew to include more than 72-hour kits and now sells all types of emergency supplies, food storage and many other preparedness items. The company is now one of the largest online emergency preparedness companies in the country, selling their products through TheReadyStore.com website.

“We had our start from very humble beginnings,” he said. “I think this has given us a unique view on how to help the average American to prepare. While other companies might be more focused on numbers or statistics, our situation helps us remember what’s really important - helping families get prepared.

“Our motto is that if it’s not good enough for my family, it’s not good enough for our customers! You can always expect that from us!”